The weather in the UK was certainly warm enough for a BBQ - but did you know that Serre Chevalier have a couple of BBQ areas. They are at the top of two of the highest peaks so you can enjoy the views as well

As we enter the last week of the season in Serre Chevalier - this is where you will get a tan at some point during the week, whether it be in January or April (approx. 320 days of sunshine a year).

There is something quite unique about this place, if you take a trip to the supermarket the day before, why don’t you nip up the mountain for a BBQ?

In Serre Che there are two BBQ picnic areas at the top of two of the highest peaks, where stunning panoramas can be enjoyed. It is quite a simple idea and I cannot understand why other resorts have not copied this idea.

The BBQs are lit from 10-3pm monitored by a pisteur. You can take anything you like up from sausages to sandwiches. If you are feeling extra lazy you can even get food delivered to you on the mountain by a company called easyvallee (

It is a cheaper and funnier alternative to your traditional mountain meal because, one like myself struggles to eat cheese 7 days a week.

Christmas day this year, we had a team BBQ on top of the Cucumelle at 2500m?! Nothing like a BBQ turkey sandwich for Christmas!! 

So when you think of your next ski holiday, do you take packed lunches predominantly up the mountain? How about a packed lunch with a twist? Someone say altitude BBQs? And with the north facing slopes and sun traps of BBQ areas, I say yes!

Have a winter BBQ next season and come to the unknown paradise of Serre Chevalier.

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