This weekend it has been snowing pretty heavily across the resorts in the French Alpes, and Montgenevre is one of the resorts benefitting from this weather system.

The snow first appeared on Friday night, and whilst it did give us some bad traffic conditions.......the Saturday transfers ran smoothly and we managed to get all our guests safely into resort within a couple hours of their expected time of arrival;

- those with an early arrival time were able to make it onto the slopes in the afternoon to make the most of their "Bienvenue" free afternoon liftpass available with the 6 day Mont Du La Lune pass.

We are reliably informed that our resort neighbours in Serre Chevalier and our friends over the Col in Alpe d'huez are also doing well out of these snowfalls but we think you will have a perfect time if you come and enjoy the plentiful slopes of Montgenevre and the Milky Way.


Images - above: this afternoon, we had some excellent snowfall - cloudy now but will be a dream to ski the clouds clear

Image - left: just so you can see the excellent snow fall....downside; will have to dig the car out!

Sunday morning brought a break in the fresh snowfall and some improved...some even said good visibility before the clouds set in again during the afternoon.

However, for those brave enough to withstand the colder temperatures caused by the wind chill, fresh powder was there for all to enjoy on the pistes throughout the afternoon.....and it remained that way for most of Monday as well.

What next.....the weathermen and the weathergirls predict 18cm of snow to fall by the beginning of Tuesday (no reports of how many men will fall during this time!!), followed by several days of sunshine when we will all enjoy the powder.


With the fresh snow conditions , this weeks guests are planning an epic off piste session guided by an ESF Instructor, and also an away day to Sestriere the Venue for the Turin Olympics of 2005 using Zenith's Minibus for transport and most are planning a ride on the Monty Luge -  the 1.4 Kilometre Luge-on-a-rail. Great for the whole family - young and old.

Many enjoy it best after a drink at the new terrace Restaurant at the top of the Chalvet lift. There is a lot to do in Montgenevre and the skiing and Boarding is great too !!!

If you are coming at the note that the snow showers are predicted to return again.....I bet it will be Saturday and Sunday to make transfers difficult! Be prepared and ski safely.

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