This weekend sees the return of the Grand Prix de Serre Chevalier for the first time in 30 years. When it was first established in 1986, it left a lasting mark. Everyone is talking about it around resort and we are all quite excited to see how it goes!


This newer version they are hoping will help boost the profile of the resort, with the aim of making it the leading resort in the Southern Alps. I am one of the biggest advocates of the area, I love it. It does not feel like your traditional ski resort because it is actually a traditional ski resort. It is not built up dramatically, the ski area falls in the tree line. It is awesome.

Back to the Grand Prix, it has taken on some inspiration from OCR events eg. Tough Mudder, Rough Runner etc. These are obstacle course races. Therefore there is a bit for everyone, downhill, slalom, moguls, freestyle, cross-country and pond skimming (!!).  It is another initiative held by the tourist office, SCV (ski area) and the big players in the local economy. Their slogan for the event is ‘get ready to be crazy or mellow’. It is an event that is designed for everyone. It should be an awesome day out on Saturday. If you find yourself in the area, get involved, it should be a day full of laughter and entertainment.


Will keep you posted in the next blog as to how it went on, accompanied with photos. Then will be followed by one of the more extreme events in the local area, which is held at La Grave. A slight contrast!

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