We like to try new things at Zenith Holidays and are always looking for ways to improve our product and service so when we heard about the food deliveries being offered by Huski we were keen to find out more. Huski was set up by a bunch of friends looking to improve the experience of feeding their friends and families whilst on holidays in the alps and so with some carefully chosen partners they put together a menu of meals which can be delivered to your apartment or chalet for your holiday so that all you have to do is pop it into the oven. Their philsophy is “more Ski, Less Schlepp!”

One of their main partners is the UKs’ premier frozen food company Cook and Zenith have partnered with Huski so that we can offer these food deliveries to you to make your self catered experience  more relaxed.

So how does it work? 

Thumbs up from the team!

Thumbs up from the team!

When you book a self catered holiday in one of the resorts covered (currently this is in a variety of French resorts) we will send you a link to the site where you can browse the shop and choose the food you would like to buy. This will then be delivered to your apartment or chalet on arrival day . If you only have a small freezer the delivery can be split down into a few deliveries throughout your stay. It is also possible to order more whilst you are on holiday.

We decided to test the product with our team whilst on our training course and gave the chalet hosts a well deserved break from all the work they had been doing in the kitchen. On the last night of training our resort managers  took over the kitchen and prepared a variety of dishes for us all to taste.  It’s fair to say that not all of our resort managers and reps are used to being in the kitchen so it was a real test to see if the meals were as easy to prepare as they say! The verdict? All of the resort managers and reps were able to serve us with a delicious evening meal and said the instructions were simple and easy to follow. Some of the team had already experienced food from Cook, but for most it was a first time. Everyone agreed they would happily repeat the experience though.

So if you are self catering this year for your ski trip why not make it a little easier and pre book a few meals so that you don’t have to rush out the shops as soon as your arrive. You can even order some wine online at the same time. If you are travelling with Zenith this winter and have not yet received the link to shop for your meals do get in touch and we can send you this. 

From the team at Zenith  “Bon Appetit!”

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