This is an activity I have wanted to try for a while so I was delighted to be offered the opportunity whilst visiting Jersey last week. I met my instructor Sean down on the beach at St Brelades Bay and was given a wetsuit to put on and a safety vest. There were six of us in the class - most were beginners like myself, but some had tried it before.

Sean gave us some instructions on dry land and showed us how to get started by kneeling on the boards as well as how to hold the paddles and then we were off.

We practiced by kneeling to start with then standing up and Sean had us practicing various yoga poses so we could get used to balancing (not so successful trying downward dog with one leg in the air and glad there are no photos of this!). 

We had some fun jumping into the water from the end of the pier and then Sean set us a task of paddling further out and around a green post that was I'm sure must have been there for some reason. This was a lot harder than it looked. Once we were past the safe harbor walls we had waves to contend with and I realised I would need to engage my core muscles if I was to stay on the board. 

We were all determined though and all managed it in some way or another with lots of falling in and clambering back onto the boards. After that, we practiced a little more in and out of the saves and moving around on our boards more as we gained confidence.

It was great fun and definitely an activity I will try again. If you'd like to give this a go check out our Jersey activity holidays or if you fancy going further afield we do also offer it as an activity in the Azores and Croatia.

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