Christmas Markets

Enjoy the Magic of Christmas in the heart of the Christmas Markets which combines traditions with joie de vivre in a fairytale atmosphere.

You'll find ideas for presents, decorations and festive products as well as a range of local specialities.

What is involved?

Head of for a few days with friends or family to get in the festive spirit and to sort out the remaining presents dilemmas you have.

There are a range of destinations to choose from and a range of travel options - one of our favourites is taking the train to Lille!

Where to go

There are many beautiful places where you can enjoy a Christmas Market in Europe...

  • Lille, Strasbourg or Paris in France
  • Prague in Czech Republic
  • Ljubljana in Slovenia
  • Innsbruck in Austria
  • Reykjavik in Iceland
  • Cortina in Italy

Check out the resort list opposite.

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