Cycling Holidays in Italy

Italian cycling holidays: quite simply, cycling makes for a great holiday and Italy offers a wealth of options....

Bikes let you travel at an easy pace, whether along cycling tracks or quiet roads, keeping you in touch with nature and allowing you to appreciate the local culture as you cycle through the villages.

There are a range of cycling holidays in Italy ranging from tours in the South (Sicily) to some testing tours in the North - South Tyrol.

We also have some bike and boat tours and some family options around the Tuscan countryside and around Lake Garda.

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Cycling around the Tuscan Countryside

The landscape of Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and evocative in Europe, with rolling hills laden with vineyards and cypress trees

You will pedal from one incredible view to the next, appreciating the lands of many great artists from Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo.

Depending on the tour, you will have the chance to visit the superb medieval town of Siena; to admire Florence, the cradle of Renaissance; or Pisa and its eponyomous tower. 

The tours:

Bike & Boat tour

A bike & boat tour is where cycling during the day wilst your boat (hotel) meanders down the river so no need to pack your bags or change rooms - the "hotel" moves with you.

In Italy we offer a tour along the Po valley - this can be done from Venice to Mantua or in the opposite direction - a perfect opportunity to experience by bike the North of Italy along the Po valley, following the course of the Po, the longest Italian river.

Highlights include Venice, the bustling fish market of Chioggia, Adria, which gave its name to the Adriatic Sea, and Ferrara, the town of cyclists.

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Cycling around the Sicily

Sicily has to be one of the most fascinating islands in Europe. There is an incredibly diverse history, thanks to almost every civilisation leaving their mark, including the Phoenecians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish!

Sicily provides an excellent location for your cycling holidayA region of oustanding natural beauty, you’ll cycle past vast orange and lemon plantations, the gentle green slopes of the Iblei Mountains and the dramatic gorges and rock caves of the Anapo Valley.

See the tours for more details and the full itinerary

Cycling Holidays near Lake Garda

Garda Lake is the largest Italian lake, situated at the foot of the Alps, in a beautiful area of southern Europe.

At only 30km from Verona, 100km from Milan and 130km from Venice, it is well placed for road, rail and air connections.

Lake Garda offers the visitors a splendid natural scenery, full of colours, surrounded by the Dolomites of Brenta in the north and the gentle slopes of the morainic hills in the south. A rich vegetation flourishes thanks to the Mediterranean climate: lemon trees, oleanders, magnolias, and bouganville. The cultivation of vineyards and olives groves produces good wines and olive oil.

We suggest a couple of cycling tours for you to enjoy

  • Lake Garda - home base tour
  • Dolomites - Lake Garda

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  • Mantua/Venice Bike & Boat

    £959- £1448

    (£pp on std occ)

    This wonderful leisurely bike and barge tour takes you along the River Po and offers you a superb taster of Northern Italy.  The tour can be either guided or self guided.

    The tour explores celebrated cities of art, one of Europe's prime Nature Reserves and a wealth of tucked away rural hamlets.  The tour starts in Mantua which was once a major city state crowned…

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  • Italy - tuscany

    £634- £821

    (£pp on std occ)

    Cycle through the enchanting landscape of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful regions in Europe, with thriving vineyards and rolling hills that provide a stunning backdrop to your tour.

    Experience renaissance art and great architecture in the lasn of great artists such as such as Leonardo da Vinci and the composer Giacomo Puccini. You'll cycle from one incredible view to the next.


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  • Lake Garda Cycling Tour

    £541- £648

    (£pp on std occ)

    Home base tour; 7 nights; Self-guided

    Formed as a stunning result of the last glaciation, the enchanting attractiveness of Lake Garda has enraptured all its visitors even beginning in 1786 with Wolfgang Goethe, its first illustrious tourist and promoter. Exceptionally placed between the mountainous Dolomites and the Lake Garda seascape, you will experience Alpine atmosphere, colours and Mediterranean flavours. Your tour will take you through medieval…

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  • 3 country tour

    £537- £732

    (£pp on std occ)

    Visit three amazing countries in one week (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia)  with the ancient republic of Venice providing the backdrop for the tour. From the wonderful Venice, you will cycle through along the coastline up to the plain of Friuli and then continue past Trieste, finishing on the beautiful Istrian coast - its a memorable tour.

    The tour is self-guided and runs on Saturdays and Sundays (but…

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  • Italy / Bolzano – Verona – Venice

    £634- £821

    (£pp on std occ)

    The Dolomites are hard to rival in terms of their unique beauty and a UNESCO world heritage site since 2009.

    This cycling tour takes you along the river Adige to the palm-lined shores of Lake Garda; then on to some remarkable Italian cities - Verona, Vicenza, renowned for  the classical Palladio architecture, and Padua, home to one of the oldest Italian universities. The tour ends…

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  • The Land Of Myths

    £683- £760

    (£pp on std occ)

    A striking bike tour along the Etna foothills and along the national park. This journey will take you through ancient towns, pervaded by history and myths, on the tracks of ancient savors and exquisite wines. it is of medium difficulty and allows you to visit Taormina, Randazza and Castiglione as well as the baroque city of Acireale.

    The tour is self-guided and runs on Saturdays…

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  • Bolzano - Mantua - Venice Bike and Boat


    (£pp on std occ)

    This tour really does offer a lot of variety and a unique opportunity to combine a more classical bike and hotel tour with a bike and boat trip through the Po Valley to wonderfully vibrant city of Venice.  The cycling route starts in the superb Dolomites and follows the course of the River Adige which takes you to the palm lined shore of the very stunning…

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  • Stunning Sicily

    £765- £859

    (£pp on std occ)

    This memorable cycle tour will have you exploring the South-East coastline of Sicily as well as the hinterlandpass, the Erei mountains and the Val di Noto which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

    This is stunning sicily from Iblean canyons to baroque curves

    The tour is self-guided and runs on Saturdays between March and November.

    Itinerary & prices - see below

    Getting here

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  • Italy / Tuscany variation 1

    £630- £728

    (£pp on std occ)

    Tuscany is famous for having one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, with its rolling hills, vineyards and cypress trees lining the roads.

    Highlights of this tour include the stunning medieval town of Siena and the cradle of Renaissance Florence. During the tour you will also get the chance to discover the picturesque villages along the way with the lovely Tuscan cuisine ready to…

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  • Lecce, the Baroque and the Sea


    (£pp on std occ)

    This 6 day, 5 night tour through South East Italy is truly worth a go!  In a region blessed by sunshine and two superb seas!

    The tour is centred around Lecce, also known as 'Lupiae' in Roman times, 'Florence of the South' or 'Athens of Apulia'.

    Lecce's history goes back a long way - you can still see ruins of a Roman theatre and amphitheatre…

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  • Coastline and Culture of Italy's Heel

    £656- £1214

    (£pp on std occ)

    Apulia is a region in south-eastern Italy that includes the heel part of Italy’s boot, suspended between the Ionian and Adriatic Sea. The region is characterised by endless olive groves, long fields of grain and vineyards.

    You start cycling in Matera, UNESCO world heritage site with its “sassi” and European capital of culture 2019, and arrive in Lecce, also known as “Florence of the…

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  • Venice Lands Short Break


    (£pp on std occ)

    Cycling in this sophisticated corner of Italy is a real pleasure.

    You will get the chance to admire the elegant villas of the Venetian nobility, discover Vicenza - part of the World Heritage List since 1994 - and taste a typical 'grappa' in Bassano which is famous for its covered wooden bridge.

    You will also cycle through the Prosecco vineyards between Asolo and Treviso as…

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