Cycling in the Azores

Riding in Sao Miguel is a wonderful experience - all of the attractions on the island can bereached on secondary roads or off the beaten track

The rides offer some magnificent scenery and the thrill of pedaling into the heart of the crater and circling a lake while passing through freshwater streams - you will get to ride inland past active fumaroles and along the coastline.

The tours are self-guided and for 7 days.

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Cycling weeks on the Azores

We suggest a few 7 day cycle trips

Do have a look at the tours - see the tours - if you want to tailor the itinerary or add some activities, do get in touch

Prefer to chat about the options - do call us on 0203 137 7678

  • Cycling in Sao Miguel


    (£pp on std occ)

    The cycling week is full of sensations with the endemic flora and fauna of the island offering a perfect backdrop to your 5 cycling days.

    We offer the week from March to October although each season sees the rides looking a little different as the 

    Highlights include pedaling around the…

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