Mountain Summer in Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis

The three historical villages of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis are situated on a sunny high plateau at an altitude of 1200m - 1400m above the Tyrolean Inn valley, surrounded by the mighty Samnaun group and Otztal Alps (approximately 3,000m high).

The Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region is one of a kind, with a magnificent landscape and an overwhelming range of activities and quality offerings to choose from.

The expert on holidays for families and mountaineers is renowned for its range of cool events and summer sport offerings including walking, climbing, cycling, swimming, boating, rafting, canyoning, Nordic walking, paragliding, Segway trekking, horseback riding and many more.

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Mountain Summer in Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis

Super Summer Card

The Super Summer Card is available to all visitors to the holiday region.  This little card entitles guests to numerous free benefits including the use of a one of a kind network of 9 cable cars that take you up into the mountains.  From this high vantage point, hike paths and themed trails guide you through the fascinating alpine landscape back to your village.  The Super Summer card also includes free travel on the hiking bus that commutes between the three villages.

Its benefits however go beyond providing convenient modes of transport within the resort.  These include:

  • The Adventure Mountains programme where visitors can solve tricky cases as they explore the mountains.  Equipped with an Adventure Backpack containing valuable tools for their detective work, they are ready to set off and search for clues as they walk along The Pirates Trail, The Witches Trail or The Explorers Trail.
  • There are adventure paths and playgrounds featuring Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis mascots Murmli and Berta.
  • The Hog Adventure Park at the Alpkopfbahn midway station is perfect for swimming, boating and messing about in the water. 
  • The Summer Fun Park in Fiss with Berta's air slide, a slackline park and a children's zoo - all of which are free of charge with the Super Summer Card.
  • Guided hikes in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

The Super Summer Card is available from 16th June to 21st October 2018.


The whole family can go for a walk and relax on a trail circuiting the Wolfsee, a reservoir in Fiss built for artificial snow making. In the upper reaches of the tree line up to 2000 metres, enjoyment trails switch over to hiking trails leading to panorama platforms with marvellous vistas.  If you take the cable car to the Komperdell midway stationg in Serfaus, you can continue on the Panorama Enjoyment Trail towards the Moseralm and Ladis without any major differences in altitude but with a wonderful view of numerous summits around Fiss.

The Serfauser Sauser

At the Sunliner valley station offers adventure loves a rather different perspective of the mountain world - from 85 metres above the ground.  This is made possible by a special steel wire rope construction enabling a panoramic flights in four intervals at a top speed of 65km/h!

Experience the adventure of flying with the Fisser Flieger - a kite like aircraft that swoops across the mountain meadows near the Moseralm.  Four passengers are secured with hang-glider belts and then hoisted up backwards at 40km/h.  Then it's hold-on-to-your-hat time as the descent is twice as fast, with the device reaching speeds of up to 80km/h.  The Fisser Flieger races over the alpine meadows 8 to 47 metres above the ground giving you a breathtaking sensation of flight.


Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis provides an attraction for climbers of all ages with its X-trees forest rope course.  While the younger family members master Murmlis Schnupper Parcours at 1.50 metres off the ground, children of 110cm and above in height are allowed to venture up to the realm of the squirrel and the woodpecker.  Amidst huge pines, climbers with a head for heights can reach a height of up to 14 metres.

For those looking for something more then check out the Family Climbing Crag where experts and experts to be can choose from an array of climbing routes.  The climbing rock near the hamlet of St Georgen below Serfaus is suitable for both beginners and sport climbers as it has 19 different climbing routes ranging from difficulty levels III to VII.  

The climbing tower at the Mini & Maxi Club in Fiss-Ladis and the climbing wall at the entrance to Serfaus provide for even more high flying adventure.  

A journey in to the past of Serfaus' smugglers

Once upon a time, there was a great deal of smuggling in the area surrounding the Tyrolean villages of Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis in the Upper Inn Valley. Since then, the holiday resort has dedicated a hiking route to that exciting and dangerous era known as the Smugglers Trail.  

Coffee, cigarettes, saccharin and nylon stockings are just a few of the treasures that were sneaked over the border via secret, ever changing routes from Samnaun in Switzerland all the way to Innsbruck.  In the Summer, smuggling was more tedious than in Winter, when most of the distance could be covered in skis, but it was also less dangerous.  

Visitors to the holiday resort can now follow one of the same trails set out on an exciting journey into the past and learn about the tricks of Serfaus' smugglers.  The six hour hike requires a certain degree of fitness and agility.  The differences in altitude are easily manageable though thanks to the Komperdell and Lazid cable cars at the beginning and at the end of the tour.

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Caching Park 

This interactive park for children and adolescents makes geocaching a fun experience for the whole family.  At the start of the three routes you download an app to your phone and off you go!

The hikes lead over beaten tracks past tree stumps, mountain meadows in bloom and streams, grazing cows and lively marmots.  It is suitable for children and yet full of adventure.

In the Serfaus Bear Caching Park you can even follow bear tracks using GPS!


What we like

  • The Super Summer Card is an absolute must if you are visiting this area as it offers you the chance to explore so many attractions free of charge
  • There are an enormous amount of activities for all the family to enjoy here

Getting here

  • Innsbruck is the closest airport to Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis and is 100km from the resort
  • The train will take you to Landeck and from their you can continue your journey by bus or taxi to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis


  • Hiking, mountain climbing, cycling - all of them are great but let's be honest the breaks are the best part of a holiday in Serfau-Fiss-Ladis.  Instead of plain wooden benches, wind down in hammocks, beach chairs and ergonomically designed loungers.  It's like a living room in the middle of the mountains!

Culinary delights

  • The Gourmet Gondola raises breakfast patrons into the morning sky.  Starting at 8.30am, a reserved cable car awaits hungry guests ready to board up at the BergDiamant Panoramic Restaurant in Fiss.  On the ride, lasting 2 hours, guests glide over blooming alpine meadows feasting on marinated salmon, steak tartare, home made bread and other fine foods.

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