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From its short coastline on the Channel, at the mouth of the river Somme, to a brief border with southern Belgium, Picardy is a region that has been at the heart of European history for well over a thousand years. Its importance is reflected in its historic heritage - including some of the finest medieval cathedrals in France, some impressive chateaux, and  many sites and memories of the Great War.

Located just an hour from Calais, the popular and exquisite Belle Dune Village is secure, fully pedestrianised and set on the Opal Coast of Picardy. Belle Dune is the ultimate paradise for a fun-filled family holiday. 

Getting here - fly, drive or take the train:

The closest airport is Lille which is approximately a 2 hour drive. 

But driving out is an ideal option - good for the budget and ideal as no packing…

Summer holidays in Belle Dune

The eco-village of Belle Dune is located in an exceptional natural setting at Fort-Mahon Plage in Picardy, northern France.  It is surrounded by lakes, dunes and the sea, on the edge of a superb 18-hole golf course.

Activities in Belle Dune

Located in an un-spoilt environment in the midst of the dunes and pines, relax with your family in this water activity park with the waters maintained at a temperature at 29 ° C in summer and winter. Pools, slides, a sauna and a hammam… all the ingredients of a fun family outing are laid on at the Aquaclub. Come and take advantage of this space dedicated to relaxation and amusement at Fort-Mahon-Plage. Reserve your evenings for entertainment by the water too as every Friday in high season and during the school holidays the Aquaclub programs themed evenings.

The Authie Bay has a diverse natural environment: multiple plant species grow there, including very rare species such as marram grass, wild rye sands and Liparis Loesel. You will find animal species there including the peregrine falcon, sparrows and storks and the bay is worth a visit for its seals alone. During your walk with the family, with a little luck, you will spot some of the seals, which have been regular visitors to the bay for a long time and tend to be found mainly in the estuary. There are colonies of seals in Fort-Mahon-Plage and they are especially numerous in June. You can spot both harbour seals and grey seals with their long snouts.

The Bay of Somme has been listed as a Grand Site de France. Today, the Somme is considered one of the most beautiful bays in the world. The Somme offers changing landscapes depending on the seasons, wind, tides and sunlight.  Visitors can explore Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and the Picarvie Museum, Lanchères and the Maison de l'Oiseau (bird house), or the Marquenterre Park Nature Reserve in the Bay of Somme.

Accommodation in Belle Dune

The Eco-Village, protected and fully-pedestrian, recreates the atmosphere of the Picardy coast at the turn of the 20th century. Architecture that respects the environment in a site laid out in 6 areas.

  • The "Quartier de la Place" area comprises a square on the shores of the Grand Lac with a small two-storey building with large bay windows housing apartments and 2 small buildings housing the Maison de Belle Dune and the main reception. To the south, the square opens out onto a shore of the artificial lake.
  • The "Quartier des Eaux Vives" area stretches out behind the Quartier de la Place and both are connected by paths. It comprises semi-detached houses in groups of 2 to 4, some on the edge of the Grand Lac or the canal, therefore offering wonderful views over the water, the surrounding countryside or the golf course.
  • The "Quartier du Grand Lac" area continues from the Square and the two are linked by a pedestrian path. It comprises small semi-detached houses offering a view over the water.
  • The "Quartier du Hameau": semi-detached houses on the golf course and in close proximity to the Club House.
  • The "Quartier de l'Ile aux Oiseaux": located in a very quiet environment with a view over the countryside, the golf course or the small lake.
  • The "Quartier de la Plage" located 600 m from the beach of Quend, and 1.5 km from the centre of the resort, semi-detached houses on the shores of a natural lake, on the edge of the forest. 

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What we like

  • Lots of difference accommodation types to choose from to exactly meet your requirements
  • Located just an hour from Calais so an easy drive to destination
  • Car free and fully pedestrianised making it easy with young children
  • Superb Aquaclub complex for all the family


  • Make the most of the immense sandy beach of Fort-Mahon to do some sand yachting.
  • Visit Marquenterre park, an incomparable bird sanctuary, and the Marquenterre estate a 5-min drive away, which you can explore on foot, horseback or in an electric buggy.
  • Come onboard the Baliseur Somme II, a boat that's also listed as a historical monument, and discover the Baie de Somme.
  • 20 km from the Holiday Village lies the Regnière-Ecluse estate with its 815 hectares and castle.

At a glance

  • An eco-friendly holiday village located between dunes and lakes in the Somme Bay.
  • A large heated water park complex and an 18-hole Opus Golf-accredited golf course.
  • A good selection of apartments and villas to choose from

Getting here

  • The closest airport is Lille which is approximately a 2 hour drive. 
  • But driving out is an ideal option - good for the budget and ideal as no packing…

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    Situated on the edge of a superb 18 hole golf course and only 2 kilometres from the sea, this car free, environmentally friendly holiday village is set amongst wonderful lakes, dunes and maritime pine trees.  


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